Software for the starting online businessman


With more than 43% of the world’s population online from their desktop, laptop or smartphone, it is no surprise that businesses are sprouting in or generating a presence on the World Wide Web. These days, the smartest and fastest way to grow and begin a business venture is to look at how the culture of society has grown and embraced the digital.

With multi-billion businesses like Facebook and Google setting the standard for online business models, as well as, start-ups that have boomed such as Uber and Instagram, it has been their marketing strategy that have pushed the brand to stand out among the other millions of businesses starting out. To help the budding online businessman, here is a list of software tools that can ease online marketing and make one’s brand visible.

vocusVocus, a web-based PR company, provide their services through the cloud. The main goal of Vocus is to maximize businesses’ PR efforts through social media monitoring and engagement, as well as, media publicity management services. This type of service can help a brick-and-mortar corporation that plans to transition into the online or create a strong online force to be easily reachable for their customer base. For a business that thrives on consumer engagement and the need for strong social media presence like an online marketplace style venture, Vocus can elevate the consumer experience. Vocus’s list of clients includes Xerox and Microsoft.

For a company in need of online advertising, WordStream Internet Marketing 150 makes it easy for them. WordStream’s main outlet for advertising is putting an emphasis on words focusing on content and blog marketing, e-mail consumer marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing and web analytics. The company has so far expanded into video hosting, crowdsourcing and social media engagement. WordStream stands because it is the prime online software that can boost a sites appearance on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo Search. WordStream, currently, has the best service to get an unknown business to reach new possible customers.

Optimove may be the smartest way for online businesses to have a strong presence to their customers. Optimove is a customer retention automation platform that maximize every campaign and increase customer lifetime value, meaning to make the customer stick to the brand or company as long as possible and generate sales. Optimove’s software works on tracking the customer and how they will react to every campaign in order to have one-on-one customer engagement. This often leads to increase per customer spending and customer loyalty.


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